Alumni Portal - Privacy Policy

This statement discloses our privacy policy for Alumni Portal. Our general policy is to adhere to the University's privacy policy.

In addition to that, we have designed Alumni Portal so that no personal identifying information is collected online without the consent of the owner.

To make our portal more useful, visitors may be asked to provide us with various information, such as names and email addresses with the sole purpose of serving you better. We use software tags called "cookies", "sessions", "http_referrer" & "IP Addresses" to identify our viewers when they visit our site. They help us understand your navigation patterns and customize our service to your needs. In addition, by understanding which areas of the site you visit, we present information and specials that are of personal interest to you so as to provide high quality services to you. Our goal is to save you time and facilitate your navigation through our Web.

We do not sell or rent our information to any outside party under any circumstances.

Acquiring all information on this website is purely for the purpose of Alumni Portal and its benefits to the members. No information will be compromised to external sources.

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